Friday, January 8, 2016

KALI-CATION...Edge Awareness

Edge Awareness (knowing where the edge of your knife or sword is) is not always easily translated to a baston/escrima stick.

For beginners using a cylindrical stick, which in Kali,  represents a knife or machete can often be difficult in their first few days or weeks of training. They do not know where the "edge is" and they often turn their wrist and create a "wiping motion" instead of a slash or hack.

So, instead of giving a new student a pair of sticks and asking them to do  unfamiliar patterns like Ikis, Uno Dos Quatro, Upward Eight...etc. I give them a training sword. The training sword immediately "reduces corrections" in hand position and wrist structure. Everyone can see where the edge is on a training sword. There is no wiping or curling of the weapon hand.

The training sword gives positive feed back allowing the student to self correct. Within a very short period of time (minutes not hours)  the student becomes EDGE AWARE. He/she knows where the sharp edge of he blade is, they know how to slash or hack. Patterns become easier to learn because the student know where the edge is.

Once the student understands EDGE AWARENESS they are given a pair of Kali Sticks and most often they correctly replicate the proper hand and wrist structure and quickly start their journey toward mastery in the arts.

Training swords are excellent training tools to reinforce EDGE AWARENESS.  Get yourself a pair!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dirty Boxing Seminar Feb 27-28, 2016

April of 2015 I had the wonderful opportunity to train with Guro Daniel Sullivan at his  Dirty Boxing Camp in Orange County CA.
It was so amazing and I learned so must that I wanted to learn more! So, what better way to learn more than to host a seminar in Dirty Boxing !!!

Feb 27-28, 2016  Guro Sullivan will be teaching his system of Panantukan/Suntokan/Dirty Boxing at Peninsula Self Defense Training Academy. He will share the art he learned from Guro Dan Inosanto and has organized it by subject matter and technique. Those who attend will learn so much it will change their the way they teach Filipino Martial Arts !

Its a dynamic program that includes strikes, knees, kicks, elbows, eye gouges, head butts, sweeps and locks and controls. Its a great system to help you stay standing or enter into grappling. I encourage all my peers to train in this art. Its a "life saver" of an art !

Guro Sullivan is a world class instructor and the owner of OC Kickboxing and MMA. I hope everyone in the Bay Area can join us. For more info check out the link below:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


          PSD Kickboxing Curriculum
                  Jan Feb 2016

  • Jumping Lunges
  • 10 sec x 5 set stationary  high knees

  1. Left UC-left hook to
  2. Right UC - Right OH to
  3. Double R Kick to
  4. Double L Kick

1-2-3 Boxing Set Pyramid
  • Jab
  • Jab Cross
  • Jab Cross Hook

Movement Drills
Receive the J-C then
  • Slip slip 3 strikes
  • Slip bob and weave 3 strikes
  • Duck step out 3 strikes

Footwork with a partner 360 with shadow boxing
  • Circle step right
  • Circle step left
  • Ali shuffle right
  • Ali shuffle left
  • Back pedal right
  • Back pedal left

STX Kicking template
  • 5 leg kicks
  • 4 ankle kicks
  • 4 mid kicks
Thai Boxing Kicking Sets
  • L low kick CHC
  • R low kick HCH
  • L body kick CHC
  • R body kick HCH
  • L double body kick CHC
  • R double body kick HCH

Spinning Techniques
  • JCH rt spinning elbow
  • JHC lt spinning elbow
  • JCH rt spinning backfist
  • JHC let spinning backfist
  • JCH rt spinning back kick
  • JHC lt spinning back kick

Elbow and Knee Set
  • Rt-lt horizontal elbows to left knee right knee
  • Lt-rt horizontal elbows to right knee left knee
  • Rt-lt diagonal down elbows to left knee rt knee
  • Lt -rt diagonal down elbows to right knee left knee

Escrima Combatives - Kali Blend

 Escrima Combative-Kali Blend Curriculum
                        Jan Feb 2016

Single Stick
  • Upper body torque
  • Bend at knees
  • Lunge
3 count sumbrada
  • Shield
  • Outside deflection
  • Drop stick
  • Pikiti

Punyo sumbrada
  • Angle 5 feed
  • Angle 3 feed

Stick Disarms
Angle 1- sector 1-3
  • snake
  • vine
  • strip
  • ejection

Double Sticks
IBB to empty hands
IBI to empty hands
  • Double sticks
  1. BBB series
  2. Upward 8 vs downward 8

Double Dagger
  • Tip up-tip up
  • Tip down-tip down
  • Tip up-tip dowm
  • Tip down-tip up

  • To disarms

Empty Hand Vs Dagger
  • Outside bump to strip
  • Inside bump to strip
  • Lameco disarm flow #1-8
  • Angle 5 two hand control

Dirty Boxing Seminar Prep
  • Shadow boxing
  • Striking patterns
  • Bowling Ball
  • Elbow series
  • Finger jabs series
  • Cover and hit
  • Kick counters

Jeet Kune Do

       JKD Curriculum
           Jan-Feb 2016

Survival Drills
Cover - 3 count response
Cover-cover - 3 count response
Ride (for body shot) - 3 count response
Ride-ride- 3 count response
Double cover - 3 count response

Catch the jab-return jab and two kicks
  • Front kick round kick (same leg)
  • Side kick round kick (same leg)
  • Round kick side kick (same leg)
  • Round kick push kick (same leg)
  • Oblique kick round kick (alternate)
  • Round kick oblique kick (alternate)
  • Front kick round kick (alternate)
  • Round kick round kick (alternate)

Catch the jab and woang pak biu gee the cross
  • CHC lead kick
  • CUCC lead kick
  • CBHC lead kick
  • OUCO lead kick
  • CBHHC lead kick
  • CUUHC lead kick

1-2 series
Grappling to stay standing
Hand fighting to:
  • Arm drags
  • Duck unders
  • Push aways
  • Neck clinch
  • Head and arm
  • Body pummel
  • Arm wrenches

  • Head locks - 2 escapes
  • Front chokes - 2 escapes
  • Rear chokes - 1 escapes

  • Pak sao-lop sao-gua choy by capturing the jab or cross.
  • Split entry to pak sao-lop sao-gua choy.
  • Parry hit low to pak sao-lop sao-gua choy

  • Pak sao cycle
  • Bong sao-lop sao cycle
  • Ball and socket

From CSW : A great list to train for self defense and sport. I was a CSW Affiliate for several years. It is a great organization. I learned a ton of material, concepts, drills. I just loved it !
Unfortunately my body can no longer take the long hours of grappling training at the CSW Affiliate Camps. I wish I were 20 years younger because CSW rocks ! I continue to incorporate the lessons of CSW into our stand-up game for self defense.

  1. Grip Breaking
  2. Single Collar Tie
  3. Double Collar Tie
  4. Arm Drag counter
  5. Front Bear Hug Counter – Arms Out
  6. Front Bear Hug – Arms In
  7. Rear Bear Hug – Arms Out
  8. Rear Bear Hug – Arms In
  9. Under Hook Counter
  10. Over Hook Counter
  11. Front Head Lock – Head & Arm
  12. Front Guillotine
  13. Rear Choke
  14. Side Choke
  15. Double Rear Arm Grab
  16. Push
  17. Push & Punch
  18. Grab
  19. Grab & Punch
  20. Haymaker
  21. Single Leg
  22. Double Leg
  23. Head Inside Body Tackle
  24. Head Outside Body Tackle
  25. Side Headlock – Punch

IIMAIA Camps... Knowledge, Self Discovery, Friendship, Respect

One of the pleasures of teaching JKD and FMA under Guro Dan Inosanto is attending his annual Instructor Camps.

There are three camps offered each year; Spring (4 days), Summer (5 days) and Fall (4 days). Certified Instructors can attend all or part of each camp.

There are also two -2 hour "topical" seminars offered to the general public. Guro covers specific topics such as stick grappling, knife disarms, espada y dagger ...etc.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many new friends and training partners at the camps.  Instructors fly in from all over the USA and every corner of the world to seek knowledge from Guro Dan. It is a pleasure to share the mat with each of them.

The Camps:
For those who grapple, the camps begins with an hour session with Prof Jean Jacques Machado. This is an optional session but I attend each of JJM's session when I go to the camps. Prof Machado is an amazing teacher. Brilliant, humble and kind. His teachings show the depth of the art of BJJ as well as the simplicity of the art. Its a beautiful hour of BJJ.

Next, it is Guro Dan's time to train us. 4 hours (sometimes longer) of in-depth Jun Fan, JKD Concepts, Silat, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Bando...and so much more. Over the course of 4-5 days he shares history, philosophy, concepts, drills and patterns. It is very physical as well as enlightening. We train at a steady high pace: Focus gloves, thai pads, kickboxing with a partner, trapping, takedowns, single and double sticks patterns, sarongs, clinch...on and on.

My Inspiration:
At the time of this writing I am 57 years old. My body hurts from arthritis, my muscle aches, my eyes need stronger glasses each year. But when I get to train with Guro Dan , who is 79 years old, I am motivated to keep going. To keep improving and to keep getting better. He inspires me to continue on my journey.

Guro Dan is the most talented martial artist on the planet. His knowledge base is second to none. His physical skills are simply amazing.  I leave his camps happy that I completed the week, having learned something new but know I have so much more to learn.

It is a humbling experience to be in the same room with Guro. I appreciate each moment I have with him.  The camps allow me to spend more than 20 hours with him on the mat !  20 hours with Guro Dan Inosanto ...How awesome is that !!!!  2016 camps here I come :)